As Loca Dizayn, we are at your service with our designs for nearly 20 years in order to capture the warmth in every place where people are located and to make your living spaces look modern. We take the results of your efforts to create a different atmosphere at every point we touch. We take our place among the first options in home textile and furniture sector.

As Loca Dizayn, we design curtains suitable for different living areas such as hotels, offices and residences. We prepare curtains suitable for use in these areas and offer them to your liking. In addition, you can find many curtain models among our options and buy.

Roller Blind

Loca Dizayn’s roller blind are produced with different kind of patterns that is conform to both, kid room, kitchen, offices and salon.

Duet Curtains

Loca Dizayn will show you to unseen models before and also have an accord to irrelevant window shapes like garret.

Zebra Curtain

Also extensive windows are started to preferred to select using of a Zebra curtain. We are showing scores of curtain types to changing any environment air into coolness with the name of Loca Dizayn.


Tulle Curtain

Curtains are one of the essential details that completes homes. We are showing to all relevant as patterned or patternless tulle curtains.

Rustic Curtain

Crystal bun and decoratively frizzled front point models are available. According to clients demand, all curtains can be hanged on bar or wore to ring as Loca Dizayn

Phon Curtain

Phon curtains could be used for long-term by house owners that loved to have aesthetic view of their own house. That kind of curtains add values into your modern life style.