Phon Curtain

Make Beautiful Your Home with Phon Curtain

The curtain team will be completed with phon curtain that is also known as drape curtain. It could be implied on any intended form easily. Phon curtains that is implied on the part of region that confront with wall of window, alter the air of the housing. In order to change environment in house into aesthetic and fine air, phon curtains are used as fastening like sandglass middle part of curtain. Due to preferred on extensive area, it will look rich. As Loca Dizayn we are keeping on to working for better models and designs.

It will be implied on both side of L shaped windows. Satin fabric is used mostly during phon curtain producing. Satin will give flowing and aesthetic view to users. In fact, fabric selection process is totally up to all clients.

Popular Phon Curtains for Decoration

During recent years, using the phon curtains are more popular for getting right design. Satin, viscos, linen, silk and tulle are fabrics for producing the phon curtain. With made by tulle for curtains, it had better to confront bottom side to each other. Every passing day, our curtain options get unlike. Phon curtain is being demanded much more in modern design view.

Phon curtains could be used for long-term by house owners that loved to have aesthetic view of their own house. That kind of curtains add values into your modern life style. Loca Dizayn carry new own designs to your home offices for getting better view.

Points to take into Consideration for Phon Curtain

Due to its own features, phon curtain that is used for decorative purposes, is produced with thick fabric. Thick fabric provides curtain to more aesthetic and rich view. It can be used on other curtains. The gaps between wall and window can be closed by flowing parts of curtain. We advices as Loca Dizayn you to take care of that point during curtain selection:

  • Dark colored phon curtain chould be preferred for big extensive salon. For little and narrow ones, tint colors should be favorite ones,
  • The patterned furniture owners are not recommended to have patterned phon curtain. If there is patterned furniture, you should pick a simple and coherent models.
  • The color of wall and curtain should be different from each other.
  • If there is a metallic tones is used during decoration in space, also curtain should include metallic details at the least.