Pleated Curtain

It can be say that, this kind of curtains are accepted as new kind of brand for market. The main difference with the other classic curtain models with the pleated one the sunlight could be blocked and there will no corrosion on curtain during fighting with sunlight. Therefore pleated curtain life expectancy is more than to other designs. This curtain also directly appeal to classic one lovers. We are meeting with you as Loca Dizayn with our new kind of pleated curtain that is both qualified and long lived models.

Due to owner’s demand pleated curtain that is one of the mechanism action models can be fasten up to window. Both home and offices are main usage areas for the curtain that is also used as both as tulle and sunshade. Disharmony possibility will be discharged by picking pleated model to your window. With affordable prices you may use pleated curtain models in your house after selecting this kind of models.

What is the important point for picking Pleated Curtain?

One of the most important thing for pleated owners will be fabric of the item. You can be certain that pleated curtain that is one of the mechanism action models will be more solid and usable than other classical curtain models. Mechanism actioned curtains are more affordable than classical ones. You could be satisfied with qualified and well-designed models that is produced by Loca Dizayn. Pleated curtains that quite elegant and happiness environment provider as well, have usable feature.

Make Your Life more Colorful with Pleated Curtain Models

Pleated curtain models are among the mostly preferred ones that is produced by Loca Dizayn. You may complete your harmony between Pleated curtains and office’s furniture with different kind of colors. The curtains are preferring reason to clients due to its usable and easy cleaning side. You may reach to selections that prepare fine environment to you with pleated curtains.

Why Loca Design ?

We have many reasons for choosing us ...

We provide 100% satisfaction-oriented

We provide 100% satisfaction-oriented service in our customer satisfaction-oriented services. Loca Dizayn products are waiting for you if you want to make changes in your living space or to prepare a complete working environment in the business environment.

20 Years Experience

We are at your service with our designs for nearly 20 years in order to capture the warmth in every place where people are located and to make your living spaces look modern.

Hundreds of Options

As Loca Dizayn, we design curtains suitable for different living areas such as hotels, offices and residences.We prepare curtains suitable for use in these areas and offer them to your liking.

High Quality Products

As Loca Dizayn, we produce high quality products in the fields of accessories, drapery and upholstery fabric, narrow weaving.Our Company markets various products in Turkey and surrounding countries.