Roman Blind Mechanism

What is the Roman Blind Mechanism?

The curtains that has mechanism to be controlled by seesaw actions, with the pattern or solid colors fabric is named as roman blind mechanism. We uses tulle, linen, viscose, taffeta, silk and other fabric options during roman blind mechanism production. We are adorning the bottom part of the curtain with stones and beads. One of the curtain that has mechanism action system. Loca Dizayn show you to curtain options that is several models and colors.

Mechanism has two different iron bar on two side. During folding process, curtain can be gathering position or for wind down position it could not be stand even. In that case, iron bars provide stand even and controlled. Circle system operates the system same like as double-breasted curtain. Chain surrounding system provides accessibility. Due to having long reassembly kit, the curtains can setup on ceiling. The curtains that has this air about its, has many different kind of colors.

Where is the Usage Area for Roman Blind Mechanism?

Roman blind mechanism that have wealth for colors and models, can be used every single part of our houses. French balcony named special areas can’t have this curtain model due to its length that reach bottom top. Classic window lengths are appropriate to the curtains.

We need to recommend our clients the roman blind mechanism who wants to have elegant and modern looking houses. Roman blind mechanism frequently consist of that materials respectively;

  • Kotex originated upper rail,
  • Ribbon or corded reel,
  • Spacing bar,
  • Bottom lama,
  • Chained control system

After home designs changing, you need to refresh you curtains. But if you have the curtains, you can alter only tulle or fabric. We are sharing new kind of designs of the curtains that will win recognition of yourself.

What is the Important Points for Having Roman Blind Mechanism?

People are happy in their home. More happy ones who designed home by herself. Roman blind mechanism models are economic and qualified. We offer a convenience to clients who decorates his home. Furniture and wall color harmony with the curtain will be important.

Solid color can be selected for narrow spaces. Solid colored furniture and huge spaces can need to patterned curtains. One of the important point for the mechanism that they need to be produced with qualified and durable material. Loca Dizayn is waiting for you with new kind of design ideas.

Rustic Curtain

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Tulle Curtain

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