Stage Curtain

How to Made Stage Curtain?

Stage curtain generally has 2 to 18 meters length. But, it can be changed depend on to arena. Generally, stage curtain fabric is preferred as red and velvet ones. Anyway, there are lots of model and color of fabric. Different color and fabric can be combined. Requested size, length, color and patterns are showed your special service. Generally schools lecture room, theatre and ballet saloons are main usage areas. According to models, fabric style and size are effective on the furniture prices. Remote controlled stage curtain systems are surely more expensive that the manual curtain system. Also there will be an engine with automatic curtain system due to keeping on to operations. Engine systems are another name for remote controlled systems. We have different kin, color and models of stage curtains as Loca Dizayn.

How is the Stage Curtain to be?

Both backstage rehearsal and backstage regulations, the curtains need to be blocked both voice and view. Therefore, view, shadow, action and voice blocked fabrics need to be used for curtains. Therefore audience can’t hear any voice or see any view from the backstage. Stage curtain, need to be enough greatness as cover the whole stage. Heavy fabrics need to be preferred for the curtains. Even selecting a slight one, curtain can open, ambience of the saloon can be disrupted. Generally, there is no limitation for only red color. Anyway, for catch the audience attention, vivid color can be at the front row. Loca Dizayn keep on to produce stage curtains with all demanded features.

How should be the Stage Curtains?

Stage curtain system go into two division that engine and manual system ones. Manual systems are hinged like old old-fashion. Mechanic system is controlled by remote controlled devices that can be operated seesaw actions. It is hard to control of the manual system and therefore, mechanic system is preferred. If you picked a stage curtain, you need keep a tidy maintenance due to operating free of problems. We are preparing smoothly the curtain for your wishes as Loca Dizayn.

Why Loca Design ?

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