Home Curtains

Home Curtains

The curtains are accepted as garnish of the home. The one factor for looking good of a house is having an elegant and qualified curtain model. During picking process for home curtains, you give priorities to do not need ironing ones, practically fixing ones.

Perfect home design get its meaning exactly after curtain picking. All single room’s home curtain can be picked differently. Saloon, bedroom, kid’s room, living room and kitchen curtains need to be different. As Loca Dizayn we make our curtain designs with our friends to unite you to ideal home design. You may pick one of our product due to your other items harmony.

What is the Options for Home Curtains?

As Loca Dizayn we are producing several styles of home curtain. We can sort the curtain models that can be used for home;

Roller blinds; One of the mostly demanded curtains. Especially can be used with under tulle models, that curtains are eligible for three parts of window mechanism. One of the mostly used one that among home curtains.

Zebra curtains; provides tiny areas seems as bigger. Especially for kid’s room and kitchen are main usage areas. Zebra curtain that is simply washed, can be used replaced for tulles.

Jalousie curtain; that can be regulated as per order, has easy usage quality.

Plaiting curtains; due to highly demand for glass balcony, there is a need that come up. Plaiting curtain can be united easily. One of the mostly encountered models among home curtains.

Classic sunshade curtain: that is called as white curtain, blocked the sunshine come into your room. It can be used by hanging to cornice.

Phon curtains: Decorating completer recognition will be more coherent to phon curtains.

What is the Important Points for Picking Home Curtains?

One of the most important accessory that completes home’s elegance is curtains. During selection, you need to be careful about harmony. For instance; classically furnished home need to have classic curtain models.

Saloon and kid’s room’s curtain should be different. Color harmony another asset. Easily cleaning quality and do not need for ironing is important. As Loca Dizayn we are being assertive about producing home curtains.

Loca Dizayn’s roller blind are produced with different kind of patterns that is conform to both, kid room, kitchen, offices and salon.

Loca Dizayn will show you to unseen models before and also have an accord to irrelevant window shapes like garret.

Also extensive windows are started to preferred to select using of a Zebra curtain. We are showing scores of curtain types to changing any environment air into coolness with the name of Loca Dizayn.


Curtains are one of the essential details that completes homes. We are showing to all relevant as patterned or patternless tulle curtains.

Crystal bun and decoratively frizzled front point models are available. According to clients demand, all curtains can be hanged on bar or wore to ring as Loca Dizayn

Phon curtains could be used for long-term by house owners that loved to have aesthetic view of their own house. That kind of curtains add values into your modern life style.